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Help Resources for MichRIC®

  • Use our listing data on a website - learn what data you can download, and not display, when getting data from our server to your server. Click the Download link to the right of IDX rules or VOW rules to learn the differences between the use of our listing data. The MichRIC® Data License Agreement must be completed to receive either IDX or VOW listing data.


Training Videos

Links to Recent Flexmls Videos

We listened to what videos you want to see. These videos were created based on topics you requested.  Click the link below to watch a how-to video. (These are recorded videos so you can't ask questions from the video.)

RPR Basic Training Video for MichRIC

From Desktop to Smartphone: Making the most of RPR-including reciprocity/data sharing board searches. 

CLICK HERE to view a recording of the RPR training webinar  (7/11/2018-60 minutes)

Brokers Opted out of Social Media

  • View the list of brokers who do not allow their listings to be distributed or referenced on any social media platform, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. To view, or print the list, click the download button below.